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The Increasing Popularity of American Sports Betting

Sporting life in the United Kingdom has never been so varied. Gone are the days when Saturday football matches were the sole staple in the weekly sporting calendar, with online services closing geographical margins and making world sports as easy to follow as local games. According to Bet Blind in such environment it is little wonder that American sports are becoming increasingly watched by the British public.

One catalyst for this increasing popularity is the annual NFL match played at Wembley. In 2011, the British public saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers entertain the Chicago Bears, while 2012 is set to welcome the St. Louis Rams and the New England Patriots. With a Wembley capacity of 90,000 and the games broadcast live on Sky Sports, coverage of the game has reached heights hitherto not dreamed of.

Such circulation has caused an upsurge in bets placed on American sports amongst UK punters. Most betting sites' coverage reaches worldwide sports and the new found popularity of American football has filtered through to bettors across the land, with such ventures aided by the betting calculators now offered by every major gaming provider.

These calculators are extremely useful to decipher odds on any bets placed, but particularly so in markets that punters may consider alien. New sports often take some getting used to, and while interest may be peaked through blanket coverage the nuances of bets available may remain a mystery at, which is where the betting calculator comes in.

Punters used to making Lucky 15 bets in the UK – bets consisting of 15 bets across four selections in different events – may not feel as comfortable making that same bet in a sport in which they are not completely confident. A betting calculator aids those choices by providing the punter with the stakes and returns for any bet placed. There are many available but Freebet’s calculator (found here - is one of the most feature-rich you can use – it can also handle accumulator and Lucky 15 bet mobile casino pay by phone bill.

The same is true of accumulator bets – multiple bets from which the odds accumulate from selection to selection. Placing all of the selections in a betting calculator gives the bettor the prospective results live, meaning that they can alter their selections accordingly to achieve more favourable returns.

Compare this gaming experience to that in a brick-and-mortar high street bookmakers and the contrast is stark. Making a specialist bet like a Lucky 15 or accumulator would require physically taking the betting slip to the cashier and running through the whole bet before amending the slip – a long-winded affair that would result in disgruntled queueing punters and an unhappy cashier. Online bookmakers offer a much more user-friendly service, particularly for those new to betting. Betting calculators are an integral part of this and a key reason for the increasing popularity of American and other sports amongst the UK betting public.


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